Tlbygha and Arada road paving project

Project Details

**”Project: Tlbygha and Arada Paving – Enhancing Connectivity and Infrastructure Development in Souq Al-Jumaa”**

Takns Company, in collaboration with the Project Management at Souq Al-Jumaa Municipality, is undertaking one of the latest crucial infrastructure projects – the Tlbygha and Arada Paving Project. This project aims to improve the link between the Tlbygha entrance and the Arada road by enhancing the infrastructure and improving the road quality, including the drainage networks for rainwater.

**Enhancing Connectivity and Comfort:**
The Tlbygha and Arada Paving Project seeks to enhance connectivity and comfort for citizens and vehicles on this vital road. Through renewing and paving the road with high-quality materials, the project aims to improve driving safety and reduce vibrations and disruptions that could affect passengers and cargo.

**Infrastructure Preparation and Water Drainage:**
Infrastructure preparation and rainwater drainage are essential components of the Tlbygha and Arada Paving Project. The company will establish efficient networks for rainwater drainage, contributing to reducing water accumulation accidents and improving road safety during winter and heavy rainfall periods.

**Professional Execution and Quality:**
Takns Company ensures that professional execution and quality are at the core of the Tlbygha and Arada Paving Project. High-quality materials and advanced technologies will be utilized in the paving process, ensuring durability, robustness, and the road’s long lifespan.

**Sustainable Development:**
Takns Company aims for sustainable development through the Tlbygha and Arada Paving Project. The construction process will incorporate best environmental and sustainable practices, including the use of eco-friendly materials and enhancing energy consumption efficiency.

Project Location

Tripoli,Souq Al-Joma

Project Area

1200 meters in length.


Souq Al-Joma Municipality
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