Al-Ma’rifa Residential Project

Project Details

**”The Al-Ma’rifa Residential Project: Modern Design and Strategic Location in Al-Saraj Area”**

Taknis Company proudly presents the Al-Ma’rifa Residential Project in the Al-Saraj area, a groundbreaking venture spanning 10,000 square meters. This project features a collection of modern-designed residential villas and plots earmarked for construction, perfectly suited to meet the residents’ needs. Located in the heart of Tripoli, it consists of 27 three-story villas with an additional annex on the third floor. The villa plots range from 230 to 370 square meters, with a built-up area of 435 square meters.

**Modern Design and Elegant View:**
The Al-Ma’rifa Residential Project stands out with its contemporary design, seamlessly blending beauty with practical functionality. The villas are designed according to the latest urban trends, utilizing high-quality materials and advanced construction methods. Additionally, the project enjoys an elegant view, adjacent to the renowned Al-Saraj Model School, providing an ideal educational environment for children and adding value to the residential community.

**Strategic Location:**
The Al-Ma’rifa Residential Project benefits from a prime location in the Al-Saraj area. Its proximity to Ghiran Island and the highway facilitates easy access to key areas in the city. Furthermore, the project is situated near the main Al-Saraj road and Janzour, ensuring convenient access to essential facilities and services.

**Al-Ma’rifa Residential Project: Luxury and Comfort:**
The project aims to provide a high-quality and comfortable residential environment. The villas are carefully designed to meet the needs of contemporary families, offering spacious layouts and excellent ventilation. Residents enjoy complete privacy and modern amenities, such as landscaped gardens and sports facilities. Additionally, the community features advanced security systems and dedicated parking spaces, ensuring comfort and safety for all residents.

**Investment in the Al-Ma’rifa Residential Project:**
The Al-Ma’rifa Residential Project presents an excellent investment opportunity for individuals and investors alike. The project is expected to experience high real estate value growth in the region, given its strategic location and the surrounding urban development. Moreover, the area boasts numerous commercial and recreational services and facilities, making it an ideal destination for living and investing.

Project Location

Tripoli, Al-Sarraj

Project Area

10000 meters Square


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