Al-Andalus Al-Janoubi residential complex

Project Details

**”Al-Andalus South Residential Complex Project: Modern Design Meeting Contemporary Housing Needs”**

The Al-Andalus South Residential Complex is situated in the Al-Andalus South neighborhood in the capital, Tripoli. This complex comprises a range of ground villas and residential apartments featuring modern design to meet contemporary housing needs. Its distinguished and central location makes it an ideal destination for both living and investment.

**Modern Design Meeting Contemporary Housing Needs:**
The Al-Andalus South Residential Complex stands out with its modern design, seamlessly blending beauty with practical functionality. The villas and apartments are meticulously designed to meet the needs of modern families, providing spacious layouts and excellent ventilation. The complex boasts picturesque landscapes and beautifully designed gardens, creating a serene and comfortable atmosphere for residents.

**Prominent and Distinctive Location:**
The Al-Andalus South Residential Complex enjoys a strategic and prominent location in the heart of the city. The complex allows easy access to key areas and vital facilities such as schools, hospitals, and commercial centers. Additionally, the surrounding area offers numerous services and recreational facilities, making it an ideal destination for a comfortable urban lifestyle.

**Al-Andalus South Residential Complex: Comfort and Recreation:**
The goal of the Al-Andalus South Residential Complex is to provide a comfortable and entertaining residential environment for its residents. The villas and apartments are designed to the highest standards to ensure comfort and modern amenities. The complex features shared areas such as gardens, sports fields, and fitness centers, offering opportunities for recreation and relaxation for every family member.

Project Location

Tripoli, Al-Andalus district

Project Area



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