Message From the Chairman

Walid Etnesh


Takns Company as a pioneer in the field of Construction and real estate investment, striving to achieve optimal results to gain the trust of investors, utilizing the insights and experiences of its team. The Company has partnerships and collaborations with banks, funds, and investment portfolios.

With gratitude, Takns Construction and Real Estate Company continues its contributions and achievements in supporting the construction and real estate sector in Libya. The annual report clearly reflects the Company’s efforts to enhance its activities in supporting this sector and achieving its strategic goals.

Takns Company operates through partnerships and alliances with major regional and international specialized companies to contribute to the realization of the Libyan strategy in construction and development. The company’s strategy for the period 2021-2025 has been launched and endorsed by the board of directors. It aims to assist both Government and the private sector in playing a vital role in the coming years by continuing to support the construction and real estate sector, expanding into new horizons and services, supporting all types of real estate investment, maintaining financial balance, enhancing operational efficiency, raising spending efficiency, promoting local content, and achieving development goals.

Since its establishment in 2013, Takns Company has gained extensive and diverse experience over the years. As a result, the Company not only succeeded in completing its projects on time and efficiently but also became a leading services provider in the construction, building, and real estate investment market.

Committed to deliver a high-quality work on time and at controlled costs, our client base continues to grow. We take pride in our skills, resources, experiences, and, most importantly, the ability and determination to complete projects to the highest standards.

Takns has proven that it can deliver as promised and rise to the challenge, satisfying our clients by implementing more advanced and evolving management procedures. This is the result of our leading team of professionals, specialists, and experts, along with carefully selected young talents.

Our new mission will involve greater challenges and a broader perspective. Leveraging our experience, Takns Construction and Real Estate Company has embarked on expanding its integrated services in the array of construction and real estate development services.

In conclusion, on behalf of myself and the BoD of Takns Company, I extend thanks and appreciation to the company’s team for their tireless efforts and unlimited support, wishing everyone success and prosperity.