Construction project of the service corridor building

Project Details

**”Project: Heritage Service Pavilion Building – Preserving Historical Heritage in the Old City”**

Takns Company is undertaking the construction project of the Heritage Service Pavilion Building in the Old City. This project aims to revive historical heritage and provide a leisure space in an ancient style. The building has been carefully designed to harmonize with the historical identity of the Old City, reflecting its unique charm.

The project’s space encompasses a vast area of 460 square meters, tailored to meet the needs of both visitors and local residents. The Heritage Service Pavilion Building offers a diverse range of facilities and services that enhance the visitor experience and reflect the beauty and history of the city.

The building stands out with intricate artistic details and ancient urban design, creating a unique and distinctive atmosphere. It provides spaces for strolling and entertainment, making it an ideal destination for visitors eager to explore the cultural and artistic heritage of the Old City.

The project aims to boost tourism and develop the Old City as a cultural and entertainment hub. Thanks to its unique and appealing design, the Heritage Service Pavilion Building becomes a prominent landmark attracting visitors to the Old City.

Through this project, the city and its visitors will enjoy a unique service area that reflects the beauty of historical heritage. This project contributes to the development of tourism and the revival of the Old City as a distinguished tourist destination.

Project Location

Tripoli, old city

Project Area

460 meters Square


Old Tripoli city administration board
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