Project: Construction of an Administrative Building at Tripoli Seaport

Project Details

**”Project: Construction of an Administrative Building at Tripoli Seaport – Symbol of Luxury and Sustainability in Takns’s 2023 Strategic Projects”**

Tripoli Seaport, among the prominent ports in the region, is gearing up to welcome its latest groundbreaking project—an astonishing administrative building spanning 1205 square meters across 5 remarkable floors within the port. This building is part of Taknis’s strategic projects for 2023, aiming to develop infrastructure and enhance sustainability in the region.

**Unique Design:**
The administrative building stands out with its unique design that blends elegance with practical functionality. Its prominent external facade highlights the building’s beauty, reflecting the modern identity of Tripoli Seaport. The internal floors are carefully designed to provide an ideal work environment, featuring spacious and open areas that encourage interaction and collaboration among employees.

**Sustainability and Technology:**
The administrative building in Tripoli Seaport serves as a model for sustainable development. It is equipped with the latest environmental technologies to achieve energy efficiency and reduce emissions. High-efficiency LED lighting systems and a smart centralized air conditioning system are installed to minimize energy consumption. Additionally, the innovative use of sustainable materials in construction ensures a reduced environmental impact for the project.

**Strategic Location:**
The administrative building enjoys a strategic location within Tripoli Seaport, providing easy access and mobility for employees and visitors. The building offers breathtaking views of the sea and surrounding maritime facilities, creating an atmosphere of comfort and inspiration in the workplace.

**Technology and Facilities:**
The administrative building is equipped with the latest technology and facilities to ensure smooth and effective operations. This includes a comprehensive security and camera surveillance system, high-speed wireless networks, and modern communication facilities. The building also features dedicated spaces for conferences and meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate communication and collaboration.

Project Location

Tripoli, sea port

Project Area

1205 meters Square


Airports Authority.

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