The Commercial Noflyeen Building Project.

Project Details

“Commercial Noflyeen Building Project: Innovative Design and Integrated Services in the Heart of Tripoli’s Business District”

The Commercial Noflyeen Building is located in the heart of the capital, Tripoli. It is a unique commercial project with an innovative design and integrated services. This project stands out as one of the prominent urban landmarks in the region, offering a modern and distinctive environment for businesses and commerce.

Innovative Design:
The Commercial Noflyeen Building features a unique and innovative design executed by Takns, a company specialized in the design and implementation of urban projects. The building boasts an exceptional view of one of the most important and well-known streets in Tripoli’s business district, making it an attraction point for businesses and visitors.

Spacious Area and Integrated Services:
The Commercial Noflyeen Building has a total area of 2500 square meters, comprising five floors. The building is equipped with all modern technical services, including security and safety systems, centralized air conditioning, and alternative energy sources. It provides multiple spaces for offices and commercial shops, creating an ideal environment for business and commerce.

Prime Location:
The Commercial Noflyeen Building enjoys a strategic location in the heart of Tripoli’s business district, making it an ideal destination for companies and commercial enterprises. The building offers easy access to vital areas and major facilities, such as banks, restaurants, and hotels. It also features ample parking spaces and convenient facilities for visitors and tenants.

Excellent Investment Opportunity:
The Commercial Noflyeen Building presents an excellent investment opportunity, providing an ideal environment for business and commerce. Investors can benefit from leasing commercial spaces and offices in the building for companies and institutions looking to establish a presence in the heart of Tripoli’s business district.

Project Location

Tripoli, Noufalian area

Project Area

2500 meters Square


Takns For Real-Estate Investment
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