Sports Track Park Development and Transformation Project

Project Details

**”Transformation of the Space Opposite Tripoli University and University Hospital into a Model Park with a Sports Track and Play Areas”**

In collaboration with the Public Services Company, Tripoli is witnessing a distinctive project, transforming the space opposite Tripoli University and the University Hospital into a model park that combines green nature and advanced sports facilities. A total area of 18,200 square meters will be allocated to develop and transform the sports track park, equipping it with thrilling play areas.

**Project Benefits:**
This model park will be an ideal destination for visitors and residents of Tripoli, providing an opportunity to enjoy fresh air and beautiful green spaces. People can engage in beneficial sports activities and enjoy strolling in the advanced sports track. Additionally, dedicated play areas will offer children a chance for fun and safe recreational activities.

**Design of the Sports Track:**
The sports track in this park will be equipped with modern facilities. The designated sports area will include tracks for running and walking, as well as areas for various sports exercises. Warm-up and relaxation zones will also be available, helping individuals prepare and unwind before and after sports activities.

**Distinctive Play Areas for Children:**
Dedicated play areas are an integral part of this model park. These areas will be equipped with diverse and safe playgrounds that meet the needs of children, encouraging play and entertainment. The games will include various types of recreational activities, slides, and climbing areas, providing an enjoyable and developmental experience for children.

Project Location

Tripoli, Al-Farnaj

Project Area

 18200 meters Square


Tripoli the general services company
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