“Road Paving Project in the Noflyeen Area”

Project Details

“Road Paving Project in the Noflyeen Area: Improving Infrastructure for Traffic Facilitation”

Takns Company is currently executing a road paving project in the Noflyeen area, a significant undertaking aimed at enhancing road infrastructure to facilitate traffic flow and provide a safe and comfortable environment for residents and pedestrians in the region.

The project consists of two phases, with the first phase focused on establishing comprehensive road infrastructure. This includes the construction of sewage lines for proper wastewater disposal, the creation of a stormwater drainage network to control water accumulation and prevent flooding, and the installation of an advanced drinking water network to ensure access to safe drinking water.

Additionally, lighting poles will be installed along the sides of the roads, and an integrated lighting network will be established to provide sufficient and safe illumination in the area. To enhance traffic safety and regulate movement, roundabouts will be constructed along the designated roads.

The total area for road paving in this project is up to 6201 square meters, reflecting the scale of the work and improvements planned for the area. This project will have a significant positive impact on traffic flow and the comfort of citizens, contributing to the development and improvement of the quality of life in the Noflyeen area.

The Road Paving Project in the Noflyeen area is part of Takns Company’s efforts to enhance infrastructure and develop road infrastructure in the region. By creating integrated infrastructure, installing lighting columns, and establishing drainage and drinking water networks, traffic flow will be facilitated, leading to comprehensive improvements in the area. Noflyeen will become one of the modern and advanced regions in terms of infrastructure and traffic comfort.

Project Location

Tripoli, Noufalian area

Project Area

6201 meters Square


Housing and Infrastructure Board

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