“Rehabilitation and Development Project for the Former People’s Hall”

Project Details

“Rehabilitation and Development Project for the Former People’s Hall: Transforming it into a Presidential Complex and Economic Business District”

The rehabilitation and development project for the former People’s Hall is a significant initiative aimed at utilizing the existing infrastructure and redesigning it to create a luxurious Presidential complex and a dedicated tower serving as a leading economic business district in Libya. This project is being executed in partnership with the Libyan Company for Project Management in collaboration with the private sector, with the goal of transforming the location into a modern urban center catering to the needs of businesses and commerce.

Design and Development:
The project involves an advanced engineering design to transform the existing building into a luxurious Presidential complex. The exterior facade of the building will be renovated to reflect modern aesthetics, with green spaces and relaxation areas provided for visitors.

Modern technology will be integrated into the complex’s design, including the provision of an advanced security and protection system, state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities in the halls, and innovative lighting techniques. The halls will be equipped with the latest technologies to meet the requirements of conferences and presidential events.

Economic Business District:
A portion of the project will be transformed into an integrated economic business district, attracting national and international companies and investors. Modern and efficient office spaces will be provided, along with supporting facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers. Integrated services for resident companies in the area will be available, enhancing economic presence and contributing to business growth.

Project Location

Tripoli, Al-Andalus district

Project Area



Libyan public private partnership company PPP
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