Project: Senior Care Facility Construction

Project Details

**”Senior Care Facility Construction Project in the Old City: Heritage Preservation and Meeting Community Needs”**

Taknis Company is undertaking the implementation of a senior care facility project within the ancient Old City in the capital, Tripoli. This building is designed in an architectural style that harmonizes with the historical identity of the city, aiming to preserve heritage and provide comprehensive services for the elderly residing in the Old City.

The service building consists of three floors, intending to meet the needs of the elderly in a comprehensive and distinctive manner. A wide range of services is provided, including healthcare, social activities, entertainment, and participation in community events. The building is carefully designed to ensure the comfort and happiness of the elderly, including the provision of comfortable spaces for relaxation and social gatherings.

The project is executed in accordance with global standards for comfort and safety, utilizing advanced construction techniques and materials. An innovative design is also adopted to facilitate accessibility and mobility for the elderly within the building, including spacious walkways.

This project is an investment in the future of the Old City and a lifeline for the community. It enhances social connections among the elderly, providing them with a safe and stimulating environment for daily activities. Additionally, the project contributes to the development of cultural tourism, attracting visitors interested in exploring the culture and history surrounding the Old City.

By completing the construction of the senior care facility, Takns presents a sustainable and integrated vision for the development of the Old City, where heritage and modern technology come together to meet the community’s needs while preserving the ancient cultural identity.

Project Location

Tripoli, old city

Project Area

441 meters Square


Old Tripoli city administration board
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