Project: Paving the Road from Ras Hasan to Zanata

Project Details

**Project: Paving the Road from Ras Hasan to Zanata – Enhancing Infrastructure for Sustainable Development**

Taknis company collaborates with the Municipality of Souk Al-Jumaa in implementing the project to pave the road from Ras Hasan to Zanata as part of efforts to develop infrastructure and improve roads. The project includes water and electricity supply works, extending over a longitudinal distance of 950 meters.

This project aims to enhance the infrastructure of the area and improve the quality of life for its residents. The road will be paved using the latest technologies and high-quality materials, ensuring stability and durability in the long term. In addition, reliable water and electricity supplies will be provided to meet the needs of the residents and businesses in the area.

The project to pave the road from Ras Hasan to Zanata is an integral part of the region’s sustainable development strategy, contributing to improving communication and enhancing residents’ access to essential facilities and services. Moreover, the project boosts the local economy by improving infrastructure and providing employment opportunities for local contractors and workers.

Through the implementation of the project, Taknis demonstrates its commitment to providing innovative and sustainable infrastructure solutions. The project is executed with a high level of expertise, applying best practices to ensure high-quality and timely completion.

Paving the road from Ras Hasan to Zanata enhances road safety and improves traffic flow, benefiting the local community and travelers across the region. This project reflects progress and development within the framework of sustainable development, enhancing the region’s attractiveness as a future destination for residence and investment.

Project Location

Tripoli, Ras Hassan

Project Area

950 meters in length.


Souq Al-Joma Municipality
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