Project: Jannan Al-Nawar Park Development

Project Details

**Project: Jannan Al-Nawar Park Development – A Picturesque Space for Recreation and Relaxation**

Jannan Al-Nawar Park stands as one of the most significant and largest public parks in the capital, Tripoli. Takns Company, in collaboration with the Public Services Company, has taken on the task of developing and transforming it into a modern and beautiful recreational center that caters to the public’s needs. The park spans an area of 4,200 square meters, offering a magnificent view of Wadi Street, one of the city’s most historically important streets.

Development efforts have been directed towards rehabilitating the park and transforming it into a contemporary and distinctive recreational space. The project encompasses construction and landscaping works aimed at renewing the park’s infrastructure, including establishing walking paths, seating areas, play zones, and coordinating green spaces with various types of plants and flowers.

Jannan Al-Nawar Park is the ideal place for families and individuals to enjoy moments in a tranquil and naturally beautiful setting. Visitors can delight in strolling along shaded pathways, appreciating the charming natural scenery and diverse gardens adorned with various colors and scents of flowers.

The park also offers dedicated play areas for children, where they can enjoy diverse games and open spaces for running and playing. Additionally, the park provides seating and relaxation areas, allowing visitors to enjoy fresh air and picturesque landscapes.

Thanks to its central location, Jannan Al-Nawar Park is easily accessible from various parts of the city, only 480 meters away from the vibrant Martyrs Square in downtown Tripoli, making it an ideal destination for both visitors and local residents.

Jannan Al-Nawar Park aims to provide an entertaining and beautiful environment for the public, reflecting Takns’ vision and that of public service companies to enhance a healthy and well-being lifestyle in the community. Through the redevelopment and rehabilitation of the park, opportunities are created for people to enjoy outdoor activities, engage in sports exercises, and relax in a comfortable natural environment.

Project Location

Tripoli, Al Wadi Street

Project Area

4200 meters Square


Tripoli the general services company
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