Project: Ghaneema Beach Retreat

Project Details

**Ghaneema Beach Retreat: A Luxurious Beachside Relaxation Experience**

Ghaneema Beach Retreat stands out as a private project executed and designed by our company, Takns, fulfilling the request of one of our esteemed clients to create this luxurious retreat located directly on the beach. It offers a distinctive relaxation experience and the highest level of mental comfort.

**Project Specifications:**
Covering an area of 130 square meters, Ghaneema Beach Retreat is situated on a 340-square-meter plot of land. The retreat comprises two spacious bedrooms, fully equipped bathrooms, a kitchen with state-of-the-art facilities, and an elegant and comfortable living room. Additionally, the retreat features a private swimming pool for leisurely swimming and refreshment, along with a cozy outdoor seating area to enjoy the magnificent natural views.

**Advantages of Ghaneema Beach Retreat:**

1. **Strategic Location:** The retreat is strategically positioned on the beach, providing breathtaking ocean views and a serene and refreshing atmosphere.

2. **Modern and Luxurious Design:** The retreat’s design is characterized by elegance and luxury, utilizing high-quality materials and intricate details that add unparalleled beauty.

3. **Privacy and Security:** The retreat is designed to offer complete privacy for guests, with an integrated security system to ensure their comfort and safety.

4. **Exceptional Natural Views:** Guests can revel in the beauty of the beach and the breathtaking natural surroundings that envelop the retreat.

Project Location


Project Area

340 meters Square


Special project for a client
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