Project for the Construction of a Nursery Facility

Project Details

Establishment of the Nursery Facility: Meeting the Needs of Children in the Old City

The project for the construction of the nursery facility represents a significant initiative to meet the needs of children in the Old City. This project, executed by Taknis, aims to establish a modern building dedicated as a nursery for children. The building features a design that harmonizes with the old architectural character of the city, enhancing the historical and cultural identity of the area.

Project Specifications:
The nursery facility occupies an area of 420 square meters and consists of two floors. The building is designed in the old architectural style, preserving historical elements and aesthetic details of the Old City. The design aligns with the historical identity of the city, reinforcing the spirit of the place.

Quality and Safety Standards:
The project is executed according to the highest quality and safety standards. High-quality construction materials are adopted, and the internal and external structure of the building is meticulously and professionally implemented. An integrated security system is provided to ensure the safety and protection of the children.

Stimulating Educational Environment:
The nursery building is designed to provide a stimulating and suitable educational environment for the development of children. The available facilities include spacious, well-equipped rooms for educational and recreational activities. Safe and dedicated outdoor spaces are provided for play and exploration.

Project Location

Tripoli, old city

Project Area

420 meters Square


Old Tripoli city administration board
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