Construction project for Takanis beach villas in Ghanima

Project Details

Beachfront Villas in Ghunayma: A Luxurious Experience on the Beautiful Natural Shorelines

The Beachfront Villas in Ghunayma stand out with an exceptional location on the tourist beach of Ghunayma, offering breathtaking views and a unique experience. Each villa consists of two floors with a total area of 160 square meters, providing residents with spacious and comfortable living space.

The ground floor, facing the beach, features a stunning design that includes a spacious living room, a kitchen equipped with the latest amenities, and a welcoming reception area. This floor provides residents with a magnificent and direct view of the beach, enhancing relaxation and comfort.

The second floor houses spacious bedrooms, allowing residents to enjoy privacy and comfort in well-equipped and comfortable sleeping quarters. The villas have been meticulously designed to meet the needs of residents and provide a distinctive residential experience.

On the last floor, you will find a covered gym with a full canopy. This gym offers residents the opportunity to exercise and maintain their physical fitness without the need to leave the residential complex.

The Beachfront Villas in Ghunayma offer a unique experience for beach and relaxation enthusiasts, allowing them to enjoy breathtaking views and excellent services. Reserve your unit now and get ready to live in a world of luxury and beauty on the enchanting shore of Ghunayma.

Project Location

Ghanima, suburbs of Al-Khoms city

Project area

160 meters square


Takns Real Estate Investment
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