Al-Kazalangs Development Project

Project Details

**”Al-Kazalangs Development Project: An Innovative Initiative to Enhance Infrastructure”**

Taknis Company is currently undertaking the Al-Kazalangs development project in collaboration with the Municipality of Tripoli Central, funded by the National Oil Corporation. The project aims to improve and renew the neighborhood’s infrastructure with the goal of enhancing the quality of life and providing an advanced and comfortable environment for residents.

The development activities in this project encompass several key aspects. Firstly, comprehensive maintenance of internal fences within the neighborhood will be conducted, contributing to enhanced security and privacy for residents. Additionally, a beautiful park and a modern recreational play area will be created to provide open spaces for entertainment and leisure, fostering social interaction and engagement within the community.

One of the prominent features of the project is the addition of a sports track, designed according to global standards to facilitate sports activities and encourage physical fitness among residents. The track will be equipped with necessary facilities and modern equipment, providing excellent opportunities for sports and fitness improvement.

The Al-Kazalangs development project presents an ideal opportunity to improve life in the area and promote sustainable development. With a vast area of 5000 square meters, the project allows for the provision of additional essential services and facilities for the local community.

Beyond its material aspects, the significance of this project extends to enhancing social cohesion and interaction among the neighborhood’s residents. Providing a comfortable and attractive environment for recreation and sports promotes the overall health and happiness of individuals, reflecting Takns Company’s steadfast commitment to offering innovative and sustainable solutions to improve life in the communities it operates in.

Project Location

Tripoli, Al-Sarraj

Project Area

13116 meters Square


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