The Third Field Visit to Takns’ Urban Projects by AKAKUS

Takns Holdings: Leading in the Oil and Urban Development Industry. Our projects embody excellence and quality in constructing administrative buildings and investment complexes

The Third Field Visit to Takns Holdings’ Urban Development Projects by AKAKUS Oil Operations Evaluation Team

Takns, a leading company in the urban development industry, continues to attract attention for its impressive projects in the capital city of Tripoli. The latest recognition comes from the evaluation team at AKAKUS Oil Operations, who recently conducted their third field visit to Takns’ urban development projects.

During the visit, the evaluation team had the opportunity to explore the construction of an administrative building at Tripoli’s seaport, which is a significant project in itself. They also witnessed the progress of the ambitious investment tower complex in the Sarraj area, which stands as a groundbreaking project in the region.

These evaluations are part of the ongoing collaboration and partnership between Takns and AKAKUS Oil Operations in the field of urban development. The two companies are working together to drive progress and innovation in the urban development sector.

Takns reaffirms its commitment to technical expertise, dedication, and the readiness of its professional team. The company’s highly skilled individuals are always prepared to take on challenging projects and deliver exceptional results.

With each visit, Takns demonstrates its relentless pursuit of excellence in the urban development sector, solidifying its position as a key player in the industry. The collaboration between Takns and AKAKUS Oil Operations continues to yield positive outcomes, contributing to the sustainable development of urban areas in Tripoli.

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