An innovative international partnership. CNECC visit to Takns

"صورة توثّق زيارة CNECC International Engineering لتاكنس، تجسد الابتكار في شراكة دولية بمجال الإنشاءات. تبرز التكنولوجيات المتقدمة والتفاعل البنّاء، تعكس التطور المستدام في مشاريع البنية التحتية وروح الابتكار المستمرة."

The visit of the CNECC International Engineering Chinese Company to Taknis represents an innovative international partnership for Taknis and a valuable opportunity to strengthen relationships and exchange experiences in the field of construction. CNECC was established with the aim of providing integrated services in infrastructure, electrical and mechanical engineering, and construction, earning a reputable position in the industry.

CNECC expertise include airport infrastructure, energy, transportation, and public infrastructure. The company is distinguished by its commitment to providing sustainable solutions and employing modern technology in all its projects. CNECC International Engineering is part of the CNECC Group, one of the leading companies in China and globally.

A delegation from CNECC International Engineering visited Taknis to exchange knowledge and experiences in engineering, design, and the latest construction technologies. The projects of both companies were reviewed, and future collaboration opportunities were discussed.

This visit reflects the commitment of both companies to international cooperation and the development of their capabilities in international construction. The exchange is expected to enhance mutual understanding of the technical and organizational requirements of major projects, thereby improving work quality and project efficiency.

This visit is a significant addition to Taknis’s record of building strategic partnerships with International Companies, reinforcing its position as a leading Company in construction and Real-Estate investment.

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