Signing of a Cooperative Agreement Between Taknes Holding Company and the Turkish Company SAOSAN

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Ongoing efforts and diligent initiatives have resulted in the signing of a cooperative agreement between Taknes Holding Company and the Turkish company SAOSAN, aimed at enhancing the collaborative relationship and providing integrated capabilities in the field of general contracting, construction, real estate development, and infrastructure projects. This agreement seeks to exchange expertise and knowledge in the engineering field and achieve joint success in implementing large and diverse projects.

Taknes Holding Company is a leader in the construction, real estate development, and building sector, boasting extensive experience in executing high-quality projects. On the other hand, SAOSAN, a prestigious Turkish engineering and construction company, is recognized for its wide experience in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions.

This agreement includes a mutual understanding to support each other in construction, development, and real estate projects, in addition to exchanging expertise and knowledge in various engineering fields. The targeted projects within this context include executing large urban projects, developing residential and commercial complexes, and enhancing the infrastructure of cities and regions.

Through this collaborative partnership, both companies look forward to achieving joint success and enhancing their capabilities in executing major and advanced engineering projects. The signing of this agreement reflects their joint commitment to achieving excellence and quality in all aspects of work, and developing innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the aspirations of clients and the needs of society.

This strategic partnership between Taknes Holding Company and SAOSAN goes beyond the usual bounds of cooperation and represents a significant step forward in the engineering field. By exchanging expertise and knowledge, the two companies will be able to implement innovative and high-quality construction and building projects, and improve the infrastructure of various areas.

This agreement is characterized by its comprehensiveness and close cooperation, where joint strategies for project execution and achieving specific goals will be developed. The companies will contribute to enhancing each other’s capabilities and achieving economies of scale, leading to positive outcomes and enhanced competitiveness in the construction and building market.

Taknes Holding Company and SAOSAN are fully prepared to achieve success and excellence in the contracting and construction field. The companies will collaborate in developing new techniques and processes, and using the latest technologies in their joint projects. This partnership will have a positive impact on the companies’ ability to innovate.

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