Signing a cooperation agreement between Takns Company and URBAS GROUP.

توقيع اتفاقية ليبية اسبانية ، تاكنس تعزز وجودها في السوق العقاري الليبي

My apologies for the oversight. Here is the corrected translation:

A strategic agreement has been signed between [Takns Company]( and [URBAS GROUP](, marking a significant step towards the development of the construction and real estate sector in Libya. This partnership aims to execute diverse projects that meet the needs of the local market and enhance economic growth in the country. Both Takns and URBAS GROUP bring their extensive expertise to this collaboration, making it strong and fruitful.

Infrastructure Enhancement and Economic Improvement: Libya faces challenges in developing infrastructure and improving the economic situation. The partnership between Takns and URBAS GROUP seeks to address these challenges and make a qualitative leap in this sector. The companies will undertake residential and commercial construction projects that cater to the local market’s needs and contribute to economic growth. The partnership will also focus on developing vital infrastructure such as roads, schools, and hospitals, contributing to sustainable development in Libya.

Quality and Innovation in Execution: Takns and URBAS GROUP are committed to delivering high-quality and efficient projects. Both companies will leverage their accumulated experience and modern construction technology to execute projects at the highest quality levels. Working collaboratively and efficiently, the companies will provide innovative and integrated solutions to meet market needs.

Achieving Economic and Social Development: The partnership between Takns and URBAS GROUP provides opportunities to enhance marginalized infrastructure in Libya and improve the quality of life for citizens. The collaboration will create new job opportunities and promote investments in the construction and real estate sector, boosting the local economy and contributing to the country’s self-sufficiency. Additionally, the partnership will contribute to providing safe homes and improved public facilities, enhancing community quality of life and contributing to social development.

Sustainability and Sustainable Development: Takns and URBAS GROUP demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development. The companies will give special attention to implementing environmentally friendly projects and promoting resource sustainability. The projects will rely on modern construction techniques and environmentally friendly materials, minimizing environmental impact and preserving the surrounding nature.

The partnership between Takns and URBAS GROUP represents a real opportunity for the development of the construction and real estate sector in Libya. The collaboration will contribute to boosting the local economy, improving infrastructure, providing new job opportunities, and achieving sustainable development. By focusing on quality and innovation, the companies will deliver outstanding projects that meet market needs and enhance the quality of life for citizens.

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