The inauguration ceremony of the Libyan-Egyptian company Inco Takns for Integrated Engineering Services.

توقيع اتفاقية تدشين الشراكة الليبية المصرية بين تاكنس الليبية للمقاولات العامة وانكو العالمية للهندسة

The Libyan-Egyptian company Inco Takns for Integrated Engineering Services has officially been inaugurated with the signing of a partnership agreement between Inco Global Engineering and Takns Contracting Company. This partnership marks a strategic move in the fields of engineering and contracting, aiming to provide integrated and distinguished services in the construction and engineering sectors in Libya and Egypt.

Inco Takns , the Libyan-Egyptian joint venture, comprises a specialized team of experts and experienced engineers in civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, among others. The company’s team is known for its efficiency and professionalism in executing various engineering projects, whether infrastructure, industrial, or commercial projects.

The company aims to meet the market needs in Libya and Egypt, offering innovative and sustainable engineering solutions. Employing the latest technologies and global standards in project execution, the company is committed to quality, safety, and timely delivery. By unifying the expertise, resources, and capabilities of Inco Global Engineering and Takns Contracting, Inco Takns will be capable of executing diverse and multi-sectoral engineering projects. The company will provide services such as engineering design, project management, execution and supervision, and engineering consultations.

The company looks forward to fostering fruitful collaboration with clients and partners in Libya and Egypt, achieving new successes in the engineering and construction field. It aspires to excel and lead in the engineering industry in the region, contributing to sustainable development and realizing the strategic vision of both countries.

With this strategic step, the new entity aims to become a leader in the construction and engineering sector in North Africa, making an effective contribution to economic development and infrastructure in Libya and Egypt.

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