Takns Receives Chairman of the Tripoli General Services Council in Its Pavilion

تاكنس تستقبل رئيس مجلس إدارة جهاز الخدمات العامة في جناحها في معرض ليبيا للإنشاءات2023

Within Takns’ participation in Libya Construction Expo 2023, one of its successful partners, “Innovation and Excellence Discovery,” visited their pavilion.

The visit of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tripoli General Services Council to Takns’ pavilion at the Libya Construction Expo was a significant event in the construction and architectural engineering world. This expo serves as an ideal platform for leading construction companies to showcase their latest exemplary projects and modern designs. Takns’ pavilion stood out as one of the key destinations visited by the chairman, where the company presented its innovations and remarkable achievements, providing an opportunity to meet with Takns’ team of engineers.

Takns is a leading company in the construction and architectural engineering sector, known for its excellence and advanced technology in designs, including the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in its projects. The chairman’s interest in Takns’ pavilion reflects the importance of innovation and quality in the construction industry. It also highlights the role of leading companies in supporting progress and development in the sector.

The collaboration with the General Services Council in Tripoli is a vital strategic partnership for enhancing urban development and achieving sustainable growth. When private companies collaborate with the public sector, better coordination, knowledge exchange, and improved services to the community are achieved. This is evident in projects like the development and transformation of parks or the establishment of new service facilities within the capital.

Through his visit to Takns’ pavilion at Libya Construction Expo 2023, the chairman of the Tripoli General Services Council is recognized as one of Takns’ successful partners in various projects. This visit signifies mutual trust and collaboration between the government sector and the private sector in the country. The collaboration between these sectors contributes to strengthening infrastructure and achieving sustainable development in the construction, infrastructure, and housing development sectors where Takns specializes.

Takns expresses satisfaction with this visit and is committed to further collaborations with the council and all state entities in Libya on the journey of reconstruction and development of the nation.

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