“Takns meeting with the management of the Port of Tripoli to discuss the final details before the implementation of the administrative building construction.”

“At the Port of Tripoli, a significant meeting was held between representatives of Takhnis Real Estate Investment Company and the port management to discuss the project of constructing an administrative building by Takhnis as part of its expertise in the field of construction. This project is a part of Takhnis’ project portfolio for the year 2023. The aim of this step is to review the latest developments and finalize discussions before commencing the implementation.

The establishment of an administrative building for the port is vital to enhance operational efficiency and improve management performance. During the meeting, several crucial points were discussed, including:

1. **Design and Planning:** The proposed design of the administrative building was addressed, discussing optimal spaces for offices, meeting rooms, and other facilities. Functional requirements of the building were reviewed to ensure an efficient and suitable working environment for employees and officials.

2. **Technical Specifications:** Emphasis was placed on the importance of using high-quality construction materials and modern technology to ensure durability and sustainability. Local and international laws and regulations were discussed to ensure compliance and safety.

3. **Timeline and Budget:** A specific project timeline was established to ensure effective and timely implementation. Project stages were defined, tasks were distributed, and the budget allocated for the project was specified. This aims to ensure project completion within set deadlines and financial constraints.

4. **Collaboration and Coordination:** The importance of collaboration and coordination between Takhnis’ team and the port management was emphasized to ensure the successful execution of the project. Responsibilities were assigned, tasks were distributed among stakeholders, and continuous communication and collaboration were ensured throughout all stages of implementation.

In addition, a new technology called [Building Information Modeling (BIM)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Building_information_modeling), which is being used for the first time in the construction field in Libya by Takns, will be utilized. This technology will enhance the quality of Takns’ construction projects.

The project is currently in advanced stages of implementation, and the construction of this building adds to Takns’ construction projects in the year 2023.”

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